5 Things To Do During Pregnancy That Can Help You Stay Healthy.


Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important aspects to be focused on during your whole pregnancy periods. It’s advisable for all expectant mothers to always complain their health problems to their doctors or other professional healthcare providers; eat healthy, work on maintaining a normal body weight and also practice relaxation and sleep. By so doing, they will not only be boosting their personal health positively but also increasing their chances of having a complication-free pregnancy and as well, delivering healthy babies. Here are five things they can do in order to keep fit during pregnancy and even beyond.

1. Consult your healthcare provider about any existing health conditions: If there are any signs and symptoms or feelings that are considered uncomfortable during pregnancy; expectant mothers should not relent to consult their doctors or gynaecologist. Discuss your families (you and your husband) medical history, if there are any health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy etc. They are expected to go for routine check-ups; these check-ups and visitations are very important during pregnancy. Never should they stop calling their doctors in between appointments if they have complaint or question to ask about issues concerning their health.
During pregnancy, it’s advisable they undergo screening for syphilis and other STD’s if requested by their physician. Screening tests are very important because some women tend to carry infections whose symptoms may not be easily noticed. Therefore, if screened, detected and treated earlier; complications related to pregnancy and childbirth could help reduced.

2. Develop the habit of eating a healthy and balanced diet: During pregnancy, the woman’s body requires a greater level of nutrients to help function well. Therefore, as your pregnancy progresses, you should boost your immunity more by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, include other food high in protein and calcium such as oranges, milk, broccoli, black beans, lean meat, liver, lentils, spinach, pumpkin seed, peas and nuts are good sources of iron.
It will also serve better when expectant mothers supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iron, vitamin D, C and calcium. Folic acid is very important, it helps decrease your chances of feeling dizzy, or experiencing morning sickness during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Taking folic acid can reduce the risk of having a baby with birth defects in the spinal cord and brain, known as neural tube defects (NTDs). Folic acid can also be found naturally in citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, beans, almonds and nuts. Taking water as much as they could or in moderation is highly recommendable; it helps keep the body hydrated.

3. Work on maintaining a normal body weight: It’s obvious that, during pregnancy most women gain weight. Therefore if you are overweight and you’re not comfortable with it; you should consult your doctor or dietician for advice. Likewise, it is very necessary to cut down on food high in fat and sugar, eating of junk foods because they are unsafe. Being overweight during pregnancy can lead to increased tiredness, and the possibility of developing high blood pressure and diabetes is also there.

4. Regular exercising: A regular but non strenuous exercise helps to maintain normal body weight. Note: Not all exercise is good during pregnancy; expectant mother should endeavour to ask their healthcare provider about safe pregnancy exercises. Exercising is very important during pregnancy and they can as well practice it by taking a walk for about 10-15 minutes daily.

5. When possible, practice relaxation and sleep: As an expectant mother, staying fit during pregnancy is very important; practice relaxation for it is a natural stress reduction technique, if possible make it a daily routine. Try to catch fun and laugh; laughter has been known as one of the body’s best ways to release stress and feel good. You can achieve that by watching funny movies with your partner, loved ones or go to the cinema and get together parties. Also you are advised to make out time to sleep and rest on daily bases during your pregnancy periods; this will help you feel more energetic.

Finally, there is nothing more valuable than being healthy during pregnancy and beyond. As expectant mothers, having the right information can help you make the right choices in order to improve not only your chances of having a complication-free pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby, but also improving your health and that of your baby in the long-term.

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